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The sections below list books from Gollancz's Masterworks and Classic SF series.

SF and Fantasy Masterworks Series - Excellent Classics at Great Prices!

Gollancz Books - a selection of classic SF!

SF Masterworks Hardbacks - a smaller range of science fiction books in hardback format

Authors' Books

This section does not pretend to present an exhaustive list of the listed authors' books. What it does represent are the series that I consider most closely associated with the particular author. I hope that you agree, but if you don't feel free to let me know!!

Isaac Asimov - The Robot and Foundation Novels (includes the Empire Novels).

Doctor Who - TV stories, Missing adventures and New Adventures

Connie Willis - Time travelling Oxford historians find themselves in the past New!

Warhammer 40,000 - Warfare in the far distant future. Mankind's future is looking grim as it faces enemies on all fronts.

Terry Pratchett - Discworld

Lois Bujold - The Vorkosigan Universe

David Weber - The Honorverse

EE 'Doc' Smith - The Lensmen

CJ Cherryh - The Alliance/Union Universe

Anne McCaffrey - Pern

Harry Turtledove - An alternative Civil War leads to a far bleaker future.

Raymond E Feist- A World of Magical Conflict

SM Stirling - Alternate Histories galore!

Andre Norton - Her 'Central Control' and other SF books.

James White - Sector General Hospital Station

General Areas

Other Favourites - some of my favourite books.

Author Details - Biographical information on Authors

Glossary - General Science Fiction Definitions.

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