As you can see from the screen above there are four main areas:

  1. The coloured area. Initially this is white, but moving any of the three sliders at the bottom of the screen to the right will alter this
  2. The edit boxes beneath the coloured area remain blank until you click in the boxes. You will need to keep clicking in the boxes to change them as you move the sliders
  3. The three sliders at the botom of the screen modify the amount of each colour that is part of the mix viewed in the coloured area. Initially each slide is set to the left and the coloured area is white. Move all the sliders to the right and you will get black
  4. The two Number type radio boxes, which allow you to choose how you wish to display the numbers for the colours. Hexadecimal may be most useful for programming and web design purposes

You can download the application and its associated help file can be downloaded from this link.

There are no complicated installation routines; just unzip the file to a suitable folder and create a short cut to the desk top. You do need to make sure that the help file is in the same folder as the program from which it can be accessed by use of the menu.

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