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You can now order books either from or there are a number of reasons that you might with to do this: the US/UK covers might be more to your taste (the Discworld books are the main sinners here!), or despite my best efforts to find an exact match, the two countries editions might be slightly different - the Masterworks editions are the most likely to suffer from this as they are a purely UK production, their US equivalents are catch-as-catch-can. links are accessed by clicking on the book cover underneath the UK flag whilst clicking on the book covers beneath the US flag will allow you to order from I have found that ordering from the US can take about 12 or 13 weeks for goods to reach the European side of the Atlantic if you select the surface mail option. Don't forget that there is a Free Postage offer on purchases over a certain value - unfortunately, not to foreign addresses, however! often carries books that are otherwise only available in the United States and can generally get these books to you within a fortnight. does not, by-and-large seem to carry UK books, the major exception being the Gollancz Classic Science Fiction range. They claim a delivery time of a couple of weeks for these books as well. Please let me know how this works when you receive them!